[REL][SA] Fighters Gonna Fight

A bunch of scripts expanding the fighting aspects of the game, such as Fight Club, Arena fights, fight challenge or the ability to knock-out your opponent.
(more info in the readme file)

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[REL][SA] Traffic Switches

Allows you to toggle few traffic features.

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[REL][SA] Hud Switcher

Toggle interface on/off by typing HUD in-game.

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[REL][SA] Shielded Car

Make your car completely indestructible.

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[REL][LS17] Ursus C330

Choosable two paint designs with cabin options.

Credits: GIANTS, Matt26, edzio021, Mad Dog, Mietek, Marcello1942, CML

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[REL][LS17] Sipma OS 7530

Bale wrapper with accelerated wrapping time and external bale texture.

Credits: GIANTS, CML, DerStefan

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[REL][LS17] Scripts Icon Pack

Pack of icons for small scripts made in one design.

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[REL][LS17] Sipma RB 1200

Kuhn Primor 3570 with Sipma paint.

Credits: GIANTS, CML

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[REL][LS17] Ursus C45

Available in four variants.

Credits: GIANTS, SiiD, Matt26, CML, Harvey

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[REL][LS17] Zetor Crystal 12045

Including Ursus 904 and Ursus 1224 designs to choose.

Credits: GIANTS, Fudzin, CML

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