[REL][SA] OrangeIV HUD

Orange-colored HUD from GTA IV to SA.

- Orange Health Bar (around the radar)
- White Armour Bar (around the radar)
- Orange & White Radar Icons
- Orange Wanted Level Stars
- Orange Weapon Icons
- Orange Speedometer
- Orange Menu Backgrounds
- Orange Radio  Icons
- Orange Sniper Crosshair
- New Loadscreens
- Orange SAMP GUI
- HQ Radar

Alexander Blade - Original IV HUD Mod
mailrocket - IV Styled SA Weapon Icons | Edit by: Camil1999
murtuz90 - IV HUD Speedometer | Edit by: Camil1999
yojo2 - HQ Radar

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[REL][SA] Los Santos Customs v2

The second verison of LS Customs. Replaces Transfender garage in Mullholand into Los Santos Customs from GTA V.

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[REL][SA][DYOM] Apocalypse Riders

Pack of 8 zombie-themed missions. Driving vehicles from a city cab to combine harvester. Featuring nice mission sounds.

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