[REL][SA] VC Mural Girl

Replaces East LS red building mural to VC girl.

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[REL][SA] Grizzly Tattoo

Grizzly Bear tattoo replacing Gun back tattoo.

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[REL][SA] Trevor Neck Tattoo

Trevor's Neck "CUT HERE" Tattoo for CJ. Replaces Los Santos 2 tattoo (Right Chest > Los Santos $45)

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[REL][SA] Bone County Truck Stop

Truck Stop in Bone County, near Area 51 & Oil refinery.
- enterbale diner interior
- enterbale toilets in diner
- enterable gas store interior
- motel near truck stop & Big Spread Ranch
- enterable motel room + save disc
- music in diner & store
- Candy Suxxx sign on the strip club roof
- 3 prostitutes in the area (press H (Honk Horn) when you're near one to pick her and drive to one of the areas with red marker)
- parked cars on the truckstop
- activity (a mechanic fixing flatbed, random pedestrian fueling vehicle, trucker on a stop which enters car and drives away)
- xoomer sign near gas store

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[REL][SA] Rustler Paintjobs

6 different paint jobs for rustler which you can choose by pressing a key.
You can choose between standard SA's model verion and BETA Rustler model (The Beta version of the Rustler had a different nose which makes the plane looks more like a P-51 Mustang and less like a Curtis P-40 Warhawk)
Ability to shoot rockets & bombs.

Tab + K - spawn rustler (spawns with random paint)

Numpad 0 - American paint (P-51 Mustang)
Numpad 1 - Soviet paint
Numpad 2 - Polish paint (RAF)
Numpad 3 - British paint (RAF)
Numpad 4 - French paint
Numpad 5 - German paint

Press HONK HORN (H/CAPSLOCK) to switch light bomb type
Press FIRE (RightCtrl/LeftAlt/LMB) to shoot light bombs

Press B to strike heavy bomb
Press T to shoot torpedoes

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[REL][SA] BETA Basketball Court

Adds a fence to basketball court in Playa del Seville like in beta SA.

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[REL][SA] GTA 5 Font

Font from V to SA. Supports Cenega's polish patch (characters).

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