[REL][IV] New Albanian Jacket

Polish Eagle for Albanian jacket and Serbian for Claude's one.

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The main point is to add the ability to harvest crops (wheat & corn version as well) to the game.
But it also brings much more features like the following:
- Lawnmowing - BETA stage
- Ability to pour wheat from the combine chute
- Improved Cropduster's pesticides particle effect
- Farm vehicles spawned around the farmland
- Dust particle from Combine while harvesting
- Scripts for spawning farm vehicles like Combine, Tractor, Lawnmower & Cropduster
- Farm animals (with sounds)
- New map objects (eg. windmill, old well, scarecrow)
- Survivalists at The Farm
- Mini-mission at The Farm field (you need to be in Combine Harvester to start the mission)
- The Farm's house interior +ability to save game and to play billard inside
- Plants/flowers on the farm with watering ability
- Snakes on Snake Farm in desert
- Some country peds retexture
- John Deere 6620-8820 series combine retexture
- New fields textures
- New wooden fences
- Some vehicle edits (corn combine[basic & ext], tractor with roof/peak, baler trailer for tractor)
- As an addition, some carwrecks placed in the Angel Pine Junkyard
- Fireplace near The Farm
- Improved Blueberry Liquor Shop
- Restored Blueberry Truck Terminal
- More haybales props
- Rooster crowing at 6 AM

Wesser: NPCs harvesting ability
AdusPL: Windmill & Old Well objects conversion
Kalvin:  Combine edit/conversion (corn header edit by me) | Tractor conversion  (edit by me) | Baler conversion (farm trailer edit by me)
SAMP Developers: Deer model
CJ_YOU: Chicken model and Horse model & animation
Dakurlz: Pig, Sheep, Cow & Watering Can (SA-styled icon & new effect by me) models | Animal Sounds
Killer-GTA: Original cement script (wheat/combine edition by me)

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Harvesting Mod for GTA SA. 
The basic edition contains: wheat version, corn version, NPCs harvesting script, spawn scripts (combine & lawnmower) & lawnmowing script.

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[REL][SA] Walkman Visual

Walkman mod which allows you to listen 34 different custom songs, with displaying the title. Nice alternative for radio stations. Yeah, you can listen to it whether you are on foot or in vehicle.
Model made by AlexSergeev.

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[REL][SA] Melee Weapon Pack

Few melee weapons edits, occasionally cuntgun with bayonet.

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[REL][SA] Tossed Shoes

Small mod which adds shoes tossed on high voltage cables in Ganton.

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[REL][SA] Radio Disabler

With this script you can easily disable radio by just pressing T while in vehicle.

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[REL][SA] Heli Camera Lock

Locked camera angle in helis while strafing left/right. Hold C to freely move the camera.

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[REL][SA] Weapon Giver

A simple script which allows you to get any weapon you want just by typing a cheatcode in-game.

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[REL][SA] Weapon Retex

Retexture of all SA original weapons. Contains also HQ camera/sniper crosshairs.

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[REL][SA] BigCyc TimeCyc

New timecycle and particle for your San Andras.

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[REL][SA] Restored Gangs

The mod brings back the Italian Mafia, Russian Bratva and SA Bikers MC to the game.

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[REL][SA] T-34 Paintjob Pack

Paintjobs for AlexSergeev's T-34. With working DT gun.

C - shoot Degtyaryov gun
Num0 - default paint (no decals)
Num1 - RUDY 102 paint
Num2 - Polish paint #2
Num3 - Soviet paint
Num4 - Soviet paint #2
Num5 - German-captured paint

Original Model: AlexSergeev
Model & Texture edit: Camil1999
DT gun script: Camil1999
Paintjob script source: Den8660

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