The main point is to add the ability to harvest crops (wheat & corn version as well) to the game.
But it also brings much more features like the following:
- Lawnmowing - BETA stage
- Ability to pour wheat from the combine chute
- Improved Cropduster's pesticides particle effect
- Farm vehicles spawned around the farmland
- Dust particle from Combine while harvesting
- Scripts for spawning farm vehicles like Combine, Tractor, Lawnmower & Cropduster
- Farm animals (with sounds)
- New map objects (eg. windmill, old well, scarecrow)
- Survivalists at The Farm
- Mini-mission at The Farm field (you need to be in Combine Harvester to start the mission)
- The Farm's house interior +ability to save game and to play billard inside
- Plants/flowers on the farm with watering ability
- Snakes on Snake Farm in desert
- Some country peds retexture
- John Deere 6620-8820 series combine retexture
- New fields textures
- New wooden fences
- Some vehicle edits (corn combine[basic & ext], tractor with roof/peak, baler trailer for tractor)
- As an addition, some carwrecks placed in the Angel Pine Junkyard
- Fireplace near The Farm
- Improved Blueberry Liquor Shop
- Restored Blueberry Truck Terminal
- More haybales props
- Rooster crowing at 6 AM

Wesser: NPCs harvesting ability
AdusPL: Windmill & Old Well objects conversion
Kalvin:  Combine edit/conversion (corn header edit by me) | Tractor conversion  (edit by me) | Baler conversion (farm trailer edit by me)
SAMP Developers: Deer model
CJ_YOU: Chicken model and Horse model & animation
Dakurlz: Pig, Sheep, Cow & Watering Can (SA-styled icon & new effect by me) models | Animal Sounds
Killer-GTA: Original cement script (wheat/combine edition by me)

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