[REL][SA] BigCyc TimeCyc

New timecycle and particle for your San Andras.

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[REL][SA] Restored Gangs

The mod brings back the Italian Mafia, Russian Bratva and SA Bikers MC to the game.

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[REL][SA] T-34 Paintjob Pack

Paintjobs for AlexSergeev's T-34. With working DT gun.

C - shoot Degtyaryov gun
Num0 - default paint (no decals)
Num1 - RUDY 102 paint
Num2 - Polish paint #2
Num3 - Soviet paint
Num4 - Soviet paint #2
Num5 - German-captured paint

Original Model: AlexSergeev
Model & Texture edit: Camil1999
DT gun script: Camil1999
Paintjob script source: Den8660

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[REL][SA] Rudy 102

T-34 "RUDY 102" from "Czterej pancerni i pies" (Four tank-men and a dog) with working DT gun and new sounds. Available in 3 versions to choose. Contains also Szarik (dog) script and tank-man skin.

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[REL][TRA] Skin Pack

Outfits edit with new wet effect for Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

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[REL][TRL] Legend Outfit Retex

Gray-toned suit with fishnet tights replacement and new wet effect for Tomb Raider: Legend.

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